How much are your birthday cakes:

Several components go into pricing any cake such as flavor, servings, fillings and décor.  Below, you can find a ‘map’ of our baseline pricing for cakes.  Again, these are BASELINE prices and DO NOT reflect the final cost of your cake.:

Birthday cake prices

Tiered Cakes



wedding cake pricing

cake and filling options

Pie List 

Do you ship cookies?

We are able to ship our iced cut outs, fancy cookies and everyday cookies.  Any cookies with buttercream icing do not withstand the shipping process.  If you live outside the Jacksonville area and are missing the sweet tastes of Cinotti’s, give us a call.  We will ship some cookies right over.


Do you make sandwiches?

We do.  In fact, we’ve made them in this location since its inception in 1986 when our family favorite, the CINOTTI SUB was born.

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Saturday Breakfast