This weeks Horn (or is it Corn) obsessed cookies

UNICORNS! PANDA-CORNS! KITTY-CORNS! BEAR-I-CORNS!  And let’s not forget Carlie’s personal favorite, The UNICORN POOP EMOJI

Thanks to the wonderful people over at SweetDesignShoppe, we had a wonderful time with some of our new cutters! We’ve posted some of our favorites up on the site in the Cookies section so if you missed them in our store, you can check them out here.

We love when we find new places to broaden our cookie cutter collection.  Each time you bite into one of our hand made, scratch based cookies, please know you are keeping our artistic dreams alive.  As always, we encourage new ideas on our cookies.  And if you know me, I absolutely LOVE to buy new cutters and stencils.  So, come on in and check out our daily creations.


See you at the counter.

In cookie love,