Fundraising with Cinotti's

Fundraising just got a little sweeter…

Our Partnering with Pies program is designed to help organizations attain the maximum amount of profit while providing
the highest quality product.


Each year, we partner with schools, churches, and other local charities to help them reach their goals.

Let us help you too.

With our Partnering with Pies fundraising program, your orginazation can earn money while offering the high quality products associated with the Cinotti’s brand.

The Partnering with Pies program allows our Apple, Pumpkin, and Pecan pies to be sold at a discounted rate to allow for maximum fundraising income for your organization.

By offering only these three most popular pies, you’ll be able to recieve, track, and send each customer’s order with ease.

Our pies are always made from scratch in our bakery here on Penman Road.

With locally sourced products, you can ensure your customer’s have the freshest ingredients for their holiday meals.

With our quality goods and associated with your orginization, our Partnering with Pies program will create a delicious memory for years to come.

How does Partnering with Pies work?

If you’re interested in Partnering with Pies fundraising:

  • Complete a partnership agreement

  • Finalize dates for pie delivery and distribution

  • Be able to properly store and distribute Cinotti’s pies

  • Include storage and reheating instructions with every pie

Fundraising Information

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