cinotti story

Our bakery is a 5th generation of the Cinotti family. Mike’s grandfather started this family tradition in Cleveland, Ohio, more than 65 years ago. He picked up and moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1955 with his wife and two sons, Nick and Joe. Papa Nick passed away in 1965 and Nick and Joe carried on the family tradition.

In 1964, Joe and his wife, Phyllis, opened their bakery on 1st Avenue North. They retired in 1985 and Mike and Doodle picked up where they left off. In August of 1990, the doors of Cinotti’s Bakery on Penman Road were opened, where we still serve the public with the highest quality of product and well trained employees to always give you a pleasurable and memorable experience everytime.

Mike, Doodle, Michelle, Melissa and Kenny are all a part of the bakery on a daily basis. We are a hard working family and we seek to honor God with all that we do in our establishment, trusting that God’s hands are upon it. Our bakery is a safe place for any member of the family at all times and will promote such things through actions and everyday lives. We will not do anything to jeopardize our testimonies or our relationships with God.

Today our business has grown in ways none of us could have imagined. We are very grateful to all of you who continue to support us in our craft. We understand it is you, our customers, who make it possible for us to be here continuing to do what we do. Again, Thank you. Our Bakery is working on training the next generation with great work ethics, but more importantly, with the highest morals & standards of God’s way. Step in and see the next generation hard at work.
Pictured above: Joe, Phyllis, Doodle and Mike.