Carrot Cake with Pineapple and Pecan

Carrot cake is perhaps one of the most popular cakes in America. And why not? With dense layers full of carrots, pineapples, and nuts, who wouldn’t want a piece?

Carrot Cake

If you’ve ever tried ours, you’ll know it’s a little different than the carrot cake formulas floating around on the internet. We’ve been baking carrot cake for over 60 years and have kept our secret formula consistent during that time.

Our cake is full of freshly chopped carrots, crushed pineapples, and mini Georgia pecans. And while the cake itself is enough to make you fight for every crumb on your plate, it’s our carrot icing that has people talking.

Carrot Icing

Our carrot icing is by far, our tastiest. To make our carrot icing, we first whip up a batch of cream cheese icing. We mix together large blocks of cream cheese along with shortening plus a little sugar and flavoring. Once the cream cheese icing is perfect, we add the ingredients that take our carrot cake from wow to WAZOW!

We fold coconut flakes, fresh pineapples, and more pecans into the cream cheese icing. We don’t stop until we’re confident there’s enough flavor in every bite.

Our Carrot Cake

Once the cake and icing are prepared, our decorators work to create a beautiful cake for you to enjoy.

We generously spread thick layers of carrot icing between each layer of cake. With four cake layers covered in icing, our decorators cover the sides with more of the classic carrot icing. After garnishing with a cream cheese icing border and a few candied carrots, the cake is ready.

Serving Carrot Cake

The debate continues in our family whether to serve a cake cold or not. Some of us prefer cold, firmer cake. While others among us like it room temperature and soft. This topic has sparked many debates at our family dinners.

That being said…

If you choose to serve your carrot cake straight from the fridge, be sure to use a sharp knife when slicing. This will help keep the cake from tearing.

If you prefer room temperature cake, pull your carrot cake out of the fridge about 15 to 20 minutes prior to serving. This will bring the temperature up without causing the icing to slide

Depending on the size of your party, you need to consider your cake size.

While every family or gathering is different, we recommend our 8” cake for 12-15 servings. But we also offer carrot cake in a variety of sizes larger gatherings.

For more information on how to serve a round cake, please see our cake serving guide.

Storing Carrot Cake

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, there may be a few pieces of cake left over. And because our cakes do not have any preservatives or additives, those pieces won’t be fresh very long. Here’s what we recommend:

Because of the cream cheese icing, carrot cake must be refrigerated after sitting out for more than an hour (less than that if it’s hot).

  • Slice the cake into individual pieces. This allows you to pull out a piece at a time rather than the entire leftover portion
  • Overwrap pieces with saran wrap to keep the icing from absorbing funky fridge smells.
  • Place each piece in refrigerator or freezer
  • Eat refrigerated pieces within 3 days
  • Frozen pieces can remain fresh for up to 1 month

For frozen cake, remove pieces from freezer and allow to sit in refrigerator overnight.

When pulling cake from the refrigerator, remove saran wrap and allow the cake to sit for 15 minutes. If you prefer it cold, don’t wait. Dig in right away.

Cinotti’s Guarantee

For more than 80 years, we’ve provided to notch baked goods to those in our community. We love the craft of baking, but perhaps what we love most is sharing our love with you.

We want to be sure you get only the best from our bowls.

So we’ve made it our mission to use only the highest quality ingredients and to use only NON-GMO flours. We never add any preservatives to our product and we’re always looking for healthier alternatives to heavily processed ingredients. And we will never serve your family something we wouldn’t serve to our own.

We treat you like family because that’s the way it should be.

So come inside.

…Taste and see….

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