We love having children swing by on a scheduled tour of our bakery.  Their wide eyes full of wonder as they pass our six foot tall mixers and large revolving ovens warms our heart.  When considering our bakery as an option to your summer school activities, please keep these things in mind:


Cinotti’s Bakery Field Trip Procedures:

 Introduction & definitions :

Thank you for considering Cinotti’s as part of your learning experience.  We feel it is our family’s mission to teach where we can, what we can, and the best we can with what we were given.  Through community outreach and opening our doors to young ones, we offer a quick glimpse of the importance of following directions, working together, and overall safety.

The purposes of these procedures are to help ensure the safety of all customers and staff and to help reduce the district’s liabilities by effectively eliminating and/or reducing loss exposures and risks.

Scheduling Field Trip at Cinotti’s Bakery:  Cinotti’s opens its doors for field trips most*  Wednesday mornings at 10 am.  This ensures guests will observed all areas of the bakery in full production.

 What activities are included in the field trip? After hair restraints are approved and hands are washed, students will go over a set of rules involving interaction with food products.   Students will then be led through the facilities observing the functions of the equipment.   i.e. Bread slicer, mixer, ovens, coolers, freezers, and dough sheeter.   Students will then gather in the cake decorating area to observe a cake decoration in progress.  Once the tour is over, students will be escorted back to original gathering room where they will receive a cookie.  The decorated cake will be boxed up to be taken off premises  for consumption.

What are the rules during a field trip?

* Closed toed shoes must be warn at all times.

* Hair must be restrained via hat or hair net. (Cinotti’s will provide hairnet if needed.)

* Proper hygiene must be observed. i.e. Hands off face, no picking noses, etc.

* Hands must remain off of any equipment, food, or other bakery items during entire visit.

* Due to the amount of equipment in our facility, we cannot allow strollers during tours.


How much does it cost?  As of now, we offer our tours as a gift to the community.

How many children are permitted?  Our tour will comfortably hold up to fifteen (15) children at a time.  Groups with more will be placed in a holding room and be taken in shifts.  Our overall goal is for everyone to have a fair turn at seeing everything in our bakery.

Food for thought:

We are a fully functioning bakery making various food products all day.  We are NOT a nut free facility nor do we have the means to be one while a tour is present.  When tours are in our decorating area, all other operations in said area cease.   Our decorator will decorate a cake in front of the children and encourage the children to engage, however, if at any time our staff feels a child may jeopardize the integrity of our products, the child may be asked to step away.