Italian Cream Cake

Making Doodle Cinotti an Italian Cream cake for her birthday has been a longstanding tradition in our family. She loves the flavor combination of moist buttermilk layers filled with our cream cheese icing, pecans, and coconut.

You may not have had the opportunity to try this cake in our bakery before. That’s because in year’s past, making this delicious cake has been reserved for solely for Doodle’s birthday that falls at the end of the year while we’re closed for Christmas.

Reasons for the reluctant production of the Italian Cream cake have varied through the years. At one time, increased time and attention required to make each layer was cited for not wanting to add the cake to our menu. Another time, it was decided that demand for the cake wasn’t high enough to warrant production.

The romantics among us believe, however, that Mike Cinotti was hesitant to create this cake because he wanted to reserve the most special cake for his most special lady.

While the Italian Cream cake is still a must-have in December, we are now offering this family favorite to all of our customers–all year long.

What’s so special about an Italian Cream cake?

Every cake has a special meaning to someone. A chocolate cake may remind them of Sunday dinners at their grandmother’s house while Hummingbird cake may bring back memories of the church potluck dinners. Italian Cream cake has that same magical power.

The buttermilk layers are rich and moist and may transport you to a time when life was simple. Where food was safe from harmful chemicals, families gathered together for dinner, and your mom let you lick the spoon full of cake batter. The pecans and coconut folded into the cream cheese icing drive that wholesome image home.

Our Italian Cream cake combines a delicious dense cake with the light cream cheese icing that can be pleasing to almost any guest at your table. And now that we’re offering this classic cake in our store daily, you can begin to create a new set of memories.

How to get an Italian Cream Cake?

We now offer our Italian Cream cake in an eight-inch cake or as single serving cupcakes. For most families or small gatherings, the store size cake is perfect. It can serve between 12 and 15 guests and is a beautiful centerpiece. If you don’t trust yourself around an entire cake, add a few Italian Cream cupcakes into an assortment.

Our talented cake decorators work hard to ensure you have a fresh Italian Cream cake each morning. While we strive to have a fully stocked case each day, we strongly urge everyone to order their cake prior to arrival. If you can’t decide what cake is best, we have friendly staff that can help guide you in finding the best dessert for any occasion.

The Cinotti Promise

Since 1936, the Cinotti name has been associated with quality baked goods. For five generations, we have worked diligently to continue the legacy and create premium products for our community. We pride ourselves on using non-GMO flours, local produce (where available), and sustainably milled ingredients.   

Our entire product line rests on one universal principal:

If we won’t feed it to our family, we will never serve it to yours.

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