Hey there, everyone!  As an entire family, we at Cinotti’s, thank you for allowing us the time off to rest and recharge after the rigorous holidays.  Now that we are back, we are ready to take on the world! lol.

Shiyan has been a busy bee the past week, preparing bachelor buttons in various colors and flavors.  Today, she is rolling our wedding cookies in powdered sugar, creating a special treat just for you.

Jannie is preparing delicious cupcakes in every flavor.  Which one will you bring home?

Kenzie has had her fill of iced cookies already…. NOT.  She loves them and is ready for whatever you toss at her, (especially turtles).

LaLa loves buttercream.  She is responsible for all the amazing decorated cookies you find in our showcase.

JW has missed making soups so much, he’s been acting the fool making crazy soups and perfecting his yodel.

Sissa, she just stands around looking important and micromanaging. hehe.


Love to all,