This week we are unicorn cookies obsessed!

With the wide selection of cookies we offer, we try to make themes each week.  This week, we have what I think is our most colorful week yet.  It is also sure to be one of our most popular.  Yes, that’s right, it’s UNICORN COOKIES WEEK!

From a bottle of unicorn magic to a pandacorn, we’ve got at least 10, yes, TEN new unicorn cookies to offer you this week!

And let’s not forget Carlie’s personal favorite, The UNICORN POOP EMOJI

What’s new?

Because we don’t have enough cookie cutters (insert an eye roll from my dad) we headed to the internet to see what new and exciting shapes we were waiting.  And boy, did the wonderful people over at  SweetDesignShoppe not disappoint!  UNICORNS everywhere!  Oh my gosh, we had a blast picking out just about every unicorn shape they offered.

After what seemed like an eternity (actually, sweetdesignshoppe  is fast with shipping, we’re just impatient women when it comes to our cutters), our box o corns came in.  AMAZING!

Due to the Saturday delivery, it pained us to wait until Tuesday to bake them, but we sat on our hands like good girls.  Once Tuesday arrived, however, we got busy and now are BEYOND pleased at how they turned out.

We hope you will be as well.

Where can you see the Unicorn Cookies?

We’ve posted some of our favorites from Unicorn Cookies week up on the site in the Cookies section so if you missed them in our store, you can check them out here.

We love when we find new places to broaden our cookie cutter collection.  Each time you bite into one of our hand made, scratch based cookies, please know you are keeping our artistic dreams alive.

As always, we encourage new ideas on our cookies.  And if you know me, I absolutely LOVE to buy new cutters and stencils.  So, if you ever have an idea or know of a great place to buy quality cookie cutters, let us know.

Until then, come on in and check out our daily creations.

See you at the counter.

In cookie love,