Battle of the Cookies! 

Iced cutouts vs. Decorated Cookies

Which side of the sweet tooth are you on?

There’s one ingredient that reigns supreme when it comes to our cookies.

The icing.

Whether you like fluffy buttercream or a firmer vanilla dip, we’ve got you and your cookie covered.
But what’s so special about each one? What defines a decorated cookie vs. iced cutout? More importantly, which one’s better?

We’ll let you decide in this cookie face off.

Iced Cutouts

Iced cutouts are a delicious treat for any occasion. We offer these cookies in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Each cookie is hand iced with warm vanilla dip. Once the icing sets, our decorators add the finishing details that makes each cookie unique.

Looking for a party favor or school treat?

Look no further. Our vanilla dip icing sets up with a firm foundation making packaging easy. Set these out at your next event and give your guests an added sweet memory.

Miss the taste of home?

Our iced cutouts hold up in transit making them ideal for shipping to loved ones across the country.

Decorated Cookies

We’ve made decorated cookies in this location since 1990. Like our iced cutouts, decorated cookies are a delicious treat for any occasion. Each design is offered on a round cookie with our homemade buttercream icing. This cookie is recommended for those who LOVE our sweet icing.

Designs & Such

While we don’t offer as many design options on our decorated cookies, we can create designs to match your decor. Best of all, every element of our cookie is edible! From edible sand to sugar surfboards and sea creatures, we keep it sweet ’til the last bite!

Party Favors?

Our decorated cookies make great party favors too! However, unlike the iced cutouts, decorated cookies do not set up firmly. Great care must be taken to keep our homemade buttercream designs intact.

What Cookie Will it Be?

With so many cookie options in our store, it’s certainly hard to pick one favorite.

In this cookie face off, we highlighted the major differences between our two most popular cookies in hopes to give you a better understanding of their names and attributes.

What makes our cookies so special?

Unlike packaged cookies sold elsewhere, our cookies are fresh and made by hand daily.
We take pride in offering top notch product with superior ingredients. We us non-GMO flour and never add preservatives or fillers to any product.

We work hard to insure you get only the best.

If you’re still on the fence as to which cookie is better, why not give them both a try? Our friendly sales staff is standing by, ready to take your order.

…Taste and see….

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