Foods for Lent

Ash Wednesday kicks off a season of fasting and prayer for many Christians. Some may give up social media while others give up their favorite foods. In year’s past, some of our customers have chosen to abstain from sweets while others have even chosen to completely give up coming to our bakery for the entire 40 days of Lent! While we are honored to be such a big part of your walk, we invite you to consider alternative foods for Lent you may find in our bakery.

Alternative Breakfast

Egg Sandwich

Low sugar meals are a huge part of Lent traditions. But preparing foods for Lent that aren’t full of sugar can wreak havoc on your morning routine. If you’re tight on time on school mornings, hop in for a warm egg sandwich on a toasted bagel. We have cheese and bread options to suit almost every taste bud. And you can call your order in before leaving your house and cut your wait time down. You and your little ones can fill up on a healthy meal and you can feel good about keeping your Lent promise…just close your eyes as you walk past the donut case.


Oatmeal ranks high on the foods for Lent list for many reasons. Oatmeal is filling and low in calories making it the perfect breakfast for those watching their sugar intake. We have topping options that include brown sugar (add a smidge to your bowl for flavor), cinnamon (a natural sweetener), honey (from local farms), and milk. You can bring in your favorite granola or fruit toppings to mix in as well.  

Peanut Butter & Honey Bagel

Order a wheat bagel toasted with peanut butter and honey to start your morning off with a powerful breakfast. The protein packed peanut butter will keep you full while also providing ‘good fats’ which can aide in reducing cholesterol. And, we use locally grown honey which can help reduce pollen allergies and sinus inflammation.

Hot Cross Buns

Perhaps the most iconic of breakfast foods for Lent is the Hot Cross Bun. Our buns are made of a buttery dough with red and green cherries as well as raisins. They are topped with a cross made of icing to give just a touch of sweetness to the dough.

Lent Approved Lunches

Egg Salad

Move over Meatless Mondays. Fridays in Lent mean meatless meals for many families. Use UberEats or GrubHub to have a freshly prepared egg salad sandwich delivered right to your door. Ask for it on toasted white bread, wheat bread, or even an unleavened pita pocket.


Most of our salads are served with chicken or meat of some kind, but during Lent, you can request a change of protein. Our salad plate is served with three scoops of prepared salads such as tuna, egg, chicken, macaroni, or potato on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes. Our chef salad is served with ham and turkey, but we can happily substitute the meat for added cheese or a meatless topping of your choice.

Tuna Salad

If fish is an approved item on your foods for Lent list, try our tuna salad on toasted whole wheat bread. This delicious meal will not only fuel your body, it can also increase your brain’s ability to communicate to your nerve cells. Add a bit of romaine lettuce and a fresh tomato and you’ve got yourself a powerfully packed lunch.

What are your favorite foods for Lent?

Does your family celebrate with different foods for Lent? Come on in and share some of your favorite family traditions, foods, and activities.

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