Keylime Donuts are BACK!

Summer has arrived in full force. Can you feel it? We sure can. But, nothing beats the hot Florida heat better than our refreshing Key Lime Donuts. We’ve brought our summer signature flavor back for a few short months and this year, they’re better than ever.
We’ve spent the last nine months waiting for the perfect day to release our Key Lime Donuts. And, we’re happy to announce, we’re ready. Starting Friday, July 6th we’ll be creating our Key Lime Donuts for everyone.

Key Lime

Did you know there are a ton of health benefits from key lime juice? For sure. From fighting infections, rejuvenating skin, and easing digestion, key lime juice works wonders.

So, it’s easy to see why we would put it in a donut…right?

As unbeneficial to health as a donut may be, the emotional effects of eating these sweet summery treats far outweighs anything bad. Take a few for yourself or take more and spread the love. Because cheering someone up with a Cinotti’s treat is never a bad idea.
And, besides, our Key Lime Donuts are only here for a short time. So, they won’t affect your diet too much…will they?

Key Lime Donuts

Made with real key lime juice and a blend of our own signature concoctions, our Key Lime Donuts are made on site from scratch every morning. We work tirelessly to create the signature flavor you’ve come to love. And, we’ve been told these Key Lime Donuts cause a Jimmy Buffet song to automatically play in people’s heads as they eat them.

Get Them Soon

You can get our Key Lime Donuts starting Friday, July 6th at 6 a.m.

If you’re not able to stop by Friday, don’t worry too much. We’ll be serving our delightfully refreshing (and somewhat healthy) Key Lime Donuts until September 28th.

Order ahead or swing in a get a couple dozen. Bring the spirit of summer everywhere you go with a box of Key Lime Donuts from Cinotti’s.

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