National Hot Dog Day! 

July 18th is National Hot Dog Day and we’ve got a hot deal for you.

For this one day, our hot dogs will be Buy One Get One free. That’s right, two hot dogs for the price of one! And, just because it’s National Hot Dog Day, we’re not skimping on the size either. We’re giving away the same 4-ounce, all beef hot dogs you get in our sandwich shop all year long.

We do have a slight twist though.

While we won’t be skimping on the size, we will ADD a wide selection of toppings. We’ll also be baking up fresh buns in a variety of flavors.

On July 18th only, you can get any of our hot dogs with any toppings for this incredible deal.

National Hot Dog Day Options

Aside from our basic hot dog, in honor of this All-American holiday, we’ll be offering four premium hot dog combinations. We’ll have Chili Cheese Dogs– everyone’s favorite. A Slaw Dog– the Southern classic. A Chicago Dog and a Reuben Dog.

The only trouble will be deciding which one to try first.

Basic Hot Dog

There’s nothing basic about these dogs. We use Thumann’s 4-ounce all beef hot dogs. There are no fillers or by-products so you can be sure you’re getting the very best. We only use bread baked fresh every morning in our bakery. With fresh bread and the best quality all beef hot dog, you know you’re getting the good stuff in every bite.

Our Basic hot dog toppings include:

Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup, Relish, Chopped Onions, & Cheese.

Of course, you can add other toppings too.

Chili Cheese Dog

On your choice of any of our freshly baked buns, we’ll pile our homemade chili over two slices of American cheese. Add onions if you’d like, we’ve got those too.

Want more chili?

Add a side of chili cheese fries to your order. Just be sure to grab a cold drink or an iced cookie to cool your taste buds.

You can also check out this video on how to eat a chili dog while you wait.

Slaw Dog

With the popularity of coleslaw and hot dogs, there are very few Southerners who don’t know about the Slaw Dog. Served on your choice of bun, we’ll pile our sweet slaw onto the all-beef dog. And, you can add any of the basic toppings you’d like at no extra charge.

Grab a Hummingbird Cupcake to top off this truly southern delight.

Chef Salad

With a balanced blend of romaine lettuce and spring mix, our chef salad is full of nutrients. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots increase the health factor as well. And with the addition of ham and turkey rolls as well as protein rich boiled eggs, this salad will keep you full for a while.

 If you’re in the mood for grilled or fried chicken on your salad, we’re happy to swap out the proteins. Top this one off with one of our many dressing choices to create daily salads you’ll actually like to eat at every meal.

Chicago Dog

Our version of a Chicago style dog will be pretty close to the original. On a poppy seed bun, we’ll top these dogs with mustard, chopped onions, tomato slices and pickle spears.

And don’t worry, we’ll layer them just right so you taste every element in each bite.

Hot Dog! What a Day

As American as baseball and apple pie, hot dogs are Summer’s signature meal. Americans consume more than one million hot dogs on July 4th alone. So, it’s only fitting that the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council dubbed the third Wednesday in July National Hot Dog Day.

While we’re not sure everyone will eat a hot dog every day this month, perhaps you could consider enjoying the iconic summer sandwich on National Hot Dog Day.

Whether you spread your condiments on your bun or squirt them directly on your dog, we’re ready to celebrate with you.

Swing in all day on July 18th to share in this All-American holiday.

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