Christmas Cookies!

Christmas Cookies!

Christmas cookies play an important role in many family traditions this time of year. No matter if they play the main character on a Christmas party dessert table, or they sit on a kitchen counter while family come to visit, cookies are always a great item to have on hand. And since we offer a wide selection of cookies, you’re sure to find the perfect treat for any holiday event this season.

Iced Cutout Christmas Cookies

Our iced cutouts are our most popular cookie any time of year. Cookies are hand cut from our buttery sugar cookie dough and which we bake until golden. Then our amazingly skilled decorators turn these cookies into works of art. Using a fondant-type icing, we hand decorate each cookie. While this process allows us to add details and create the wonderful pieces you see in our store, it also means each cookie is never exactly the same. Some more popular shapes include polar bears, gingy boys, reindeer faces, frosty faces, and Santa faces. We also offer weekly themed cookies that are inspired by beloved characters. The firm icing on these Christmas cookies allows for them to be individually bagged (provided we have enough notice and the cookies are dry). Custom cookies and specialty shapes are available with ample notice.

Decorated Christmas Cookies

Our decorated cookies are made from our same, buttery sugar cookie dough and hand cut, but instead of the fondant-type icing used on our iced cutouts, decorated cookies are iced and decorated with our homemade buttercream icing. Sometimes people call them “puffy icing” cookies and are favored by anyone who loves our buttercream icing. Typical designs of our decorated Christmas cookies include: Santa face, Christmas tree, snowman, Rudolph, and Santa hats.

Sugar Cutout Christmas Cookies

Our sugar cutout cookies are made from our buttery sugar cookie dough. They are all hand-cut and then generously covered in various colored sugars. These cookies are great for classroom parties, quick office gifts, and stocking stuffers.  Cutout cookie shapes include Christmas lights, trees, snowman, stockings, stars, and bells.

Fancy Christmas Cookies

Fancy cookies are available throughout the year; however, the fancy cookie case is BOOMING during the holiday season. These cookies are typically bite-size and are offered in an array of colors and flavors. These cookies are sold by the pound and make wonderful cookie trays and holiday gift boxes. Bachelor Buttons are among the most popular fancy cookies.


Gingerbread Man

What is Christmas without a gingerbread man? Our gingerbread men are made with our family honey boy gingerbread dough. Our gingerbread is a long process but our Gingerbread Men or Honey Boys, are available throughout the year. Gingerbread is hand cut from our scratch made dough and we place raisins as eyes and buttons.

Merry Christmas!

No matter what Christmas cookie you decide to bring home this year, we are thankful for your continued support of our family bakery. From our house to yours, we wish you all a merry Christmas.