Graduation Fever? Here are 8 Tips for Planning Your Party

Graduation Fever? Here are 8 Tips for Planning Your Party

Graduation Fever? Here are 8 Tips for Planning Your Party

As graduation season nears, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotions surrounding the momentous occasion. After all, years of hard work have led to this day.  To take the pressure off planning the graduation bash your graduate deserves, we’ve compiled a list of helpful nuggets to keep in mind. Here are 8 things to know before planning your party:

Atmosphere:Sandwich, Tray, Catering, Tailgate, Party, Superbowl, Jacksonville, Beach, Cinottis, Shop, Shower

Believe it or not, the vibe your party gives off greatly affects the amount of food your guests will eat.  If your event is held in a formal setting with heavy foods, your guests may not eat as much.  Conversely, if you have an assortment of catered trays such as our chicken drummies or sandwich trays, your guests will graze the food table and consume more.


Time plays two roles in determining the number of guests to expect and food to serve. If you’re planning a party during a busy holiday or during a busy time of day for your guests, such as church or work, you should expect fewer guests to attend. On the other hand, if you plan your party around conventional meal times, your guests will expect to be fed. Careful consideration of both date and time should be used prior to mailing those invites.


Like the atmosphere, venue plays a role in attendance. If your venue is hard to get to or ultra-crowded, more of your guest may send regrets. If you have a more intimate venue, such as your backyard, you could expect a higher turnout. If you’re unsure where to host your celebration, Eventective has a great list of venues for every celebration every where.

Now we can get into the nuts and bolts of the cake elements:


We make cakes to serve eight or up to eight hundred. Knowing the size of your intended crowd is always helpful when planning. If you’re unsure how many guests to expect, a good rule of thumb is to plan on serving 80% of invited guests.

Flavors and Fillings:

Having a general idea of your cake flavor really helps when planning your party.  We offer vanilla and chocolate as our base options. However, red velvet, carrot, hummingbird, and sawgrass are also available.

Aside from our famous homemade buttercream, some designs allow for flavored icing as well.  These icings include chocolate buttercream, strawberry buttercream, colored buttercream, and our cream cheese icing.

Our fillings are not available for every flavor or design. Some of the popular fillings include strawberry, raspberry, lemon, strawberry/cream cheese, raspberry/ganache.

Graduation Books, Law, School, Books, Cake, Diploma, College, Gavel, Judge, Grooms, Shower, Party, Jacksonville, Beach, Cinotti


The internet is full of amazing designs for graduation cakes. From elegant three-tiered masterpieces to an easy to serve sheet cake, the design choice is completely up to you.

While a tiered cake acts as a beautiful centerpiece to any event, there are some things to consider prior to settling on this design. Tiered cakes require a skilled server. They also require a steady hand when transporting from place to place. In some cases, they require a cooler temperature.

If ease of serving is more your style, a sheet cake may be the way to go.  While not as ‘glamorous’ as their tiered counterpart, sheet cakes can be made with many special features.  We can place a personal photo of your graduate on the cake. School colors and logos fit better on a sheet cake than a tiered cake.  A sheet cake is also the winner when it comes to putting multiple schools on a single cake.

Can’t decide which option is best? Why not consider another approach? Mixing cakes and cupcakes can solve a multitude of potential issues.

If you want more flavor options, fancy cupcakes can fill the need.  Or, if you’re looking for an alternative to a large cake, cupcakes designed to match your decor colors may be just the answer.

Cake not your thing? Our cookies are a tasty alternative.

We have several shapes for graduation.  Our skilled decorators can match almost any school colors and party themes. Our bachelor buttons may also be ordered to match your decor.

Setting up a dessert table with our iced cutouts and bachelor buttons that all coordinate with the cupcakes or cake of your choice is a great way to provide options for all your guests.

In any case, our staff will work hard to create a plan to fit your serving and design ideas. We have a full listing of our cake servings and pricing on our FAQ page.


This is the topic least discussed but is the most important element. Knowing your budget ahead of time allows us to make suggestions well within your desired price point. We wouldn’t want to build up a cake design with every fondant bell and whistle you could imagine only to come in way over budget.  When we know a price area you want to stay around, we can create packages that keep your guests and wallet happy.


Before you finalize flavors, sizes, and catering trays, there’s one more element to consider.  Space.  Do you have the space in your refrigerator to hold the trays until the party?  Do you have room on your kitchen counter to house the elaborate display of foods you’ll be ordering from us? Can you borrow your neighbors fridge? While space may not be the deciding factor for your event, where you’ll store your food is important to know ahead of time.

So Let’s Party!

With these eight tips by your side, you’ll be on your way to planning the most memorable celebration yet.  We have a great sales team standing by to answer any of your graduation party needs. Get ahead of the rush! Give us a call or stop in today!

Faith, Family, and Fruitcake.  A Closer Walk with Mike Cinotti Part 2

Faith, Family, and Fruitcake. A Closer Walk with Mike Cinotti Part 2

Faith, Family, and Fruitcake. A Closer Walk with Mike Cinotti Part 2

Mike Cinotti and his wife Doodle have worked hard to build their business into the renowned fixture that it is today.  In this week’s post, we’re talking with Mike about his life in the bakery he loves so much.

Describe your typical day.

Mike Cinotti, Legends Interview, Hait, Mission, Carries

Mike at the school he and his wife, Doodle helped build in Plaisance, Haiti

My alarm goes off about 3:00 a.m.  I get here about 3:25 a.m. and unless I have something pressing, I use the early morning for my quiet time, my prayer time.  About 4:00 a.m. I get in there and get rolling.  My primary job in the morning is baking the numerous racks of breads and cookies and pies and cakes that the other guys are producing at the other end of the shop. I enjoy it because it’s a challenge because of the hundreds of pans that must be baked.  Some are breads that have to be proofed, some don’t and there’s two different ovens back here, so it’s a lot. I enjoy it because it challenges my mind and that’s important to me.  I still enjoy seeing the product when it comes out.  And smelling it too.

My afternoons, I spend a lot of time doing things at our church or missions trips.  We leave in a few days to go back to Haiti on our first trip of this year.  We missed getting over there in February, so I’m looking forward to next week.  One of these days, I wanna do some fishing again.

Please note: At the time of this posting, Mike and Doodle had just returned from their Haiti trip where they rebuilt homes and spread God’s message to those in the village of Carries, Haiti. Mike often preaches a sermon or two to the congregation.

Was there ever a technique you wish you’d mastered?

Let me tell you about that. I remember as a young kid, watching my dad bagging out eclairs. His were perfect- like everyone of them! He just ‘zoom’ ‘zoom’ ‘zoomed’, everyone of them-perfect.  And, when I tried to do it, mine looked like- well, I can’t even describe. They looked like they’d been in an accident.  But, then after about thirty years, something clicked. And, for the past twenty years, mine look nearly perfect like his.

I’ve been doing this a long time and I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on most things by now.  There is one item, I’ve been trying recently.  That’s the Lobster tail.  My wife loves them, and I’ve never made them. So, for her, it’s an item I’m working on.

How do you stay abreast to current trends?

That’s what my daughters are for!  Staying involved in organizations, attending workshops are a great way to connect. Social media and TV shows have really enhanced the craft of the baker.

What are the advantages of running your own place as opposed to the bigger stores?

We can create something special for our customers that bigger companies cannot.  Some of these stores have such strict corporate rules that don’t allow tweaking. If the product doesn’t come out of the box the way the customer wants it, they can’t make it.  We can do whatever we want within our moral and legal code.

What are the disadvantages?

Employee benefits, I wish I could provide our staff with all the bells and whistles bigger companies offer.  Buying power, we certainly buy a lot, however, we pay more for ingredients than bigger companies.  Traffic flow is another disadvantage because we are more of a destination than a convenience. Facilities maintenance is another big one.

Mike Cinotti, Legends Interview, vintage Cinotti's Bakery, Jacksonville Beach

Mike and his wife, Doodle in the bakery in the 90’s

In terms of running your business, what aspects are most rewarding?

We have built up a very good name in this community.  Part of that is our product, part of that is how we run our business.  When I hear of the impact this business is making on the community or meet people I would never have met outside this bakery, it fills my heart.

We’re able to provide livings for over 30 employees working here.  We’re able to pay our staff a decent salary.  The financial impact we have on people’s lives is healthy.

With our younger staff, we’re able to mold them into great workers later in life. The work ethic we instill in them here is helpful in so many aspects of their future.

How would you say the baking industry has changed over the course of your life?

Back in the day, breads didn’t last a week. It used to be, early in the morning, ladies would come to the bakery, get product, and head back home to their families. Now, our speed of life is so busy, everything is fast food. Because of this, some people say our industry is dying, I’m here to say, no, I don’t think so. On the upside, however, social media and TV shows have put such a spotlight on our industry and craft, they see what goes into making a cake.  It allows people to appreciate what we do more.

“Some people say our industry is dying, I’m here to say, no, I don’t think so.”

What period of your life has been your favorite?

The past 20 years, absolutely. I enjoyed my childhood and got to spend quality time with my parents. Life is hard, but it’s good. When you’ve got your eternity wrapped up, it makes this pain of life a little easier. When  God got a hold of me 20 years ago, I became a different person.

I’ve fallen deeper in love with my wife. I work with my kids every day. I see my grandchildren. I love my church. I go on mission’s trips Haiti multiple times a year. Twenty years ago, I was hard; more of a vocal corrector rather than a loving corrector. Now, I’m a better listener, I live my life right.  My relationship with Jesus has changed me.

“Life is hard, but it’s good.  When you’ve got your eternity wrapped up, it makes this pain of life a little easier.”

Was there a time you wanted to give it all up?

There’s been a couple times when I wasn’t sure this was what I’m supposed to do.  It’ll wear you down, you get tired, but I don’t know that I ever wanted to give it up.

If you didn’t bake, what would you do?

Well, if I had the money, I’d be doing full time ministry.

If you could go back in time to give yourself advice, what would it be?

I’d tell myself to get in the bible earlier.  I’ve made wiser decisions when I seek God’s word first.

Do you have any knowledgeable nuggets for newcomers to the industry?

My dad used to tell me, ‘A good baker with a solid skill set can get a job anywhere in the world.’ I encourage those looking to get into this industry to work for several different places to learn different techniques and procedures.  Listen to others. You never know what little nuggets you’ll pick up.

“A good baker with a solid skill set can get a job anywhere in the world.”

Mike is clearly a man in love with his wife, family, faith, and business. Getting a deeper look into the man who’s worked hard for over 50 years has been such a treat. In part 3 of this Legend’s interview, we’ll take a look into the bakery’s most popular items and what inspired Mike and his team to create them.

If you’d like to inquire about Mike and Doodle’s efforts in Carries, Haiti or would like to donate goods to their cause, you can find information here:


Faith, Family, and Fruitcake. A Closer Walk with Mike Cinotti Part 1

Faith, Family, and Fruitcake. A Closer Walk with Mike Cinotti Part 1

Faith, Family, and Fruitcake. A Closer Walk with Mike Cinotti part 1

Mike Cinotti is a man revered both professionally and privately. His devotion to faith, family, and business is widely known. He responsible for so many elements of his successful bakery. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit with him this month to learn more about the various aspects of his life. In Part 1 of this interview, sitting in his small office at the bakery on Penman Road, Mike, opens up about his early years.

How old were you when you first started baking?

Up until I was about nine, I really just played around and ate the food. Then my dad started letting me help at the table. I can remember as a 10-year-old, my dad let me make a batch of rye bread.

How’d that turn out?

It actually turned out pretty well. But, at the age of 12, I was able to make cheesecake.  And I mean; I scaled it, mixed it, baked it and dumped it all by myself.  That was pretty cool. There I was, an eighth grader making cheesecake after school.

Why did you become a baker?

I have enjoyed this since my earliest memories.  If you’re gonna do something your entire life, there should be a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in it. This is what I do.  It’s what I enjoy… You know they say sometimes things are in your blood. I’m not sure about flour being in our veins, but it’s what our family does. It’s what we know. The Lord has blessed our hands and I enjoy it.  I especially love the aroma.  When I leave the bakery and come back, the aroma even from the parking lot is enjoyable.

If you’re gonna do something your entire life, there should be a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in it.

Were there any influential people in your life that helped propel your baking career?

My dad, of course.  But there also was a man, Mr. Draper, who was a flavor salesman for a company.  He had extensive knowledge of baking and consulted for many different companies. I was fortunate to know him and learn from him every time he and my dad got together.

We did get an opportunity to meet some bakers from around the country that were quite incredible. Gene Wilson in Georgia; Hanz Nadler in Texas; and Carl Poppingay over at Edgewood Bakery were very influential. And, when I was in Minnesota for a year in school, I worked for Cliff Meyers who added to my love of baking.

Did you go to school to learn the trade or are you self-taught?

Ninety-nine percent of what I learned from my father and from other bakers around the country. I did get the chance to go to Minnesota, to Dunwoody Baking School. It’s funny, I knew how to do almost everything they did there. What I didn’t know was the reasons behind some of the ingredient changes and the effects some of the ingredients had on each other and to the final product.  It was a great learning experience from the book side of it.  And, I got to make friends with other bakers, some of whom I keep up with even 40 years later.  But mostly, it was a great compliment to my father and those I grew up with, having taught me as much as they taught me when I got there at 17 ½ years old, to already have an incredible base for my industry.

Mike Cinotti, Legends Interview, Fruitcake,Cinotti's Bakery, Jacksonville BeachIf you could pick one product that you love to make start to finish, what would it be?

Well, it wouldn’t be fruitcake, that’s for sure!  I don’t think there’s one product in particular, but I really like the holiday special items we put out in November and December.  Rainbow Bars, that we don’t make every day.  They’re very colorful and tasteful.  I still enjoy making breads, but that’s because I like eating it too. You know, I do love apple strudel and making them.

So, I take it fruitcake is something you dislike making?

Not necessarily, fruitcake brings back so many memories from the late 60’s when my dad would let me help. Gosh, I never got to make the topping because that was the special part.  And I never got to do the packing part. But there was so much comradery involved in the process. Fruitcake, for me, brings back so many memories.  But, no, it’s not my favorite product to make. For me, it’s a personal thing. It has a different meaning.

Are there any elements of the craft of baking drive you crazy?

To be a successful bakery, you have to be more than just a successful baker. One of the things that bothers me is the abundance of pre-made baked goods readily available to those that call themselves bakers.  When all a person has to do is pull an item from the freezer, bake it and it’s done, that’s a big pet peeve of mine. What does that person do when the truck doesn’t arrive?  Or if a customer wants a variation of that product? Most people out there today are not trained to make these items from scratch.  While I understand the need for consistency, but heating up pre-made items is not an art.

To be a successful bakery, you have to be more than just a successful baker.”

What’s the main thing you want people to take from your product or business?

We try to create an environment that’s loving and enjoyable.  We have generations of families that come in.  The other day, a lady who wanted a picture of me holding her baby because she came in here as a little girl… That’s impactful.


In the world of prefabbed meals, it’s easy to see why people flock to the homemade works of art put out by Mike and his staff each day. Cinotti values quality over quantity in each item he and his team create. The love and respect he has for people and his community echoes through his family and staff. In part 2 of this Legends Interview, Mike brings us forward in time to discuss current issues facing his bakery and industry. For more information on Mike Cinotti and his team, head over to 1523 Penman Road in Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Once you taste the love from these pastries, you’ll understand why there’s a line out the door every day.

Celebrate Easter with a Traditional Easter Egg Cake!

Celebrate Easter with a Traditional Easter Egg Cake!

Celebrate Easter with a Traditional Easter Egg Cake!

With Easter hopping on our heals, most families are busy preparing their traditional celebrations.  These traditions are important whether you plan on attending Easter Services, enjoying a large family gathering, or attending the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  And, as much as we plan our day around our faith or traditions, one elemental item seems to be prominent in Easter celebrations.  The food.  And, with the popularity of the Easter egg, we have an item that fits into both categories… The Easter Egg Cake.

Easter Egg Cake:

Our Easter Egg Cake is a pleasant compliment to any Easter table setting. And, you don’t have to worry about refrigeration. Leave this work of art out during your gathering as added decor to your day. Each cake will serve up to ten guests and is available in vanilla, chocolate, or Kylie cake. You can also have a layer of vanilla and chocolate upon request. This colorful cake can be created in most colors to create your perfect design. We offer these cakes with both traditional and contemporary decorations.

Traditional Decorations

A traditional EasteEaster Egg Cake, Vanilla Chocolate Centerpiece Basket, Spring, Bunny, Colorful, Pastel, Buttercream Icing, Cinottis Bakery, Jacksonville Beach, Carrots, Sheep, Eggs, Grassr Egg Cake is made with various color combinations, designs, and flavors.

This may include colorful swags, buttercream and sugar flowers, and of course, jelly beans.

Contemporary Decorations:Easter Egg cake, Vanilla Chocolate Centerpiece Basket, Spring, Bunny, Colorful, Pastel, Buttercream Icing, Cinottis Bakery, Jacksonville Beach, Carrots, Sheeps, Eggs, Grass5

A contemporary Easter Egg Cake has more of a modern twist.  Still available in a multitude of colors, decorations include puffy flowers, underwater scenes, grass and gumpaste flowers, piped bunnies, and more.

Table Add-Ons:

Easter Egg Cake, Vanilla Chocolate individual dessert, ganache, Basket, Spring, Bunny, Colorful, Pastel, Buttercream Icing, Cinottis Bakery, Jacksonville Beach, Carrots, Sheeps, Eggs, Grass25

In addition to the beautiful centerpiece our Easter Egg Cake offers, we also offer small dipped eggs.  Our dipped eggs, while not available in various decorations, are offered in multiple flavors.  Vanilla cake eggs are dipped in fun Easter colors and drizzled with a coordinating color.  Our chocolate dipped eggs may be filled with buttercream or you can order them without filling.  Both are dipped in warm chocolate ganache.  Want a different flavor? We also offer dipped eggs in Carrot cake and Kylie!

These mini eggs are a wonderful twist on custom place settings or as an added dessert to your Easter meal. Using these mini eggs around your table to coordinate with your Easter Egg Cake, you’ll create a decor unlike any other.

Happy Easter!

As always, we strive to create a unique experience for all our customers.  We believe time is a precious resource.  That’s why, we have created an Easter product menu to encompass a wide range of items.  From our Easter Egg Cake and small dipped eggs, to our Deviled egg trays and fresh made breads, we’re confident you will find what you need all in one place.

Ready to plan your Easter meal?  Give one of our sales staff a call today.  We’re here and ready to serve you in any way possible.

Hoppy Easter!



Pi, Pie, Pi!  It’s National Pi Day!

Pi, Pie, Pi!  It’s National Pi Day!

Pi, Pie, Pi!  It’s National Pi Day!

Pi. The mathematical equivalent of a scientific element. One number every math enthusiast understands. The single most talked about constant in every math forum; is also the symbol that represents the sweetest day in math history.  Pi Day is coming.  And there’s so much you can do about it!

What’s so special about Pi Day?

Pi is the symbol to represent a constant.  And while the numbers behind its decimal point have been calculated to over a trillion digits, the common mathematical use to determine the circumference of a circle is 3.14.  So it only makes sense that March 14th (3/14) has been dubbed National Pi Day.  But why is it so important?

Well, believe it or not, math was not always a popular subject. So, in 1988, physicist Larry Shaw organized the first National Pi Day at a science museum in San Francisco in an effort to encourage schools to make math fun for children. Mathematicians dressed up in silly hats, ate pie and celebrated. This event grew in popularity and in 2009, the house of representatives passed a resolution dubbing March 14th National Pi Day. Today, we celebrate Pi with t-shirts, pie eating contests, watching movies of Pi, and more!

How do you celebrate Pi Day at Cinotti’s?

Pi day, while centered around math, is celebrated in a host of different ways.  Finding circles throughout your day and calculating their circumference using Pi will keep you busy.  And, speaking of circles, pies are circles too! Eating pie, for instance, is perfectly acceptable on Pi Day and in fact, encouraged.  We recommend eating pie made from circular fruits such as Cherry, Blueberry, or even Apple. This will increase the learning value as well.  After all, Pi is all about math, isn’t it?

Donuts, especially the round kind, are another acceptable treat to enjoy on this day. Cookies can be considered the brain food for mathematicians, can’t they? So, go ahead and get a dozen or two… or 3.14!  Basically, eating anything round from our cases is the best way to celebrate Pi.

With so many fun and edible ways to celebrate this necessary number, it’s easy to see how popular math has become.  National Pi Day has elevated awareness of an essential need in society and for that, we embrace all aspects of the number.  But, while pi may be irrational and sometimes hard to explain, PIE is not.  PIE is a constant in our lives and is meant to be enjoyed by everyone.  So, come on down, getcha some PIE and celebrate Pi with us!

Stay Sweet!

5 of the BEST St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

5 of the BEST St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

5 of the BEST St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

Everyone’s got a little Irish in them on St. Patrick’s Day, don’t they?  With celebrations taking place all month long, you can be sure we’ve got you covered…especially with our sweet treats. From cookies and cupcakes, to traditional Irish Brown Bread and Corned Beef sandwiches, we are certainly a one-stop shop all month long. To take a bit of the pressure off, we’ve come up with 5 of the BEST St. Patrick’s Day Treats to satisfy even the stoutest of Irishmen.

Traditional Irish Brown Bread:

Irish Brown Bread, 5 of the BEST St. Patrick's Day treats, Cinotti's Bakery

This bread is a favorite in any Irishman’s home.  With a delicate blend of wheat flour and buttermilk, our skilled artisan bakers create a truly delicious bread. One bite of this traditional loaf will have your speaking with a Brogue before you know it! Irish Brown Bread from Cinotti’s can be used for sandwiches or served warm with a bit of Kerrygold butter on top.

 Corned Beef:

Reuben Sandwich, 5 of the BEST St. Patrick's Day treats, Cinotti's Bakery

Aside from our daily corned beef reuben from our sandwich shop, this year, we will kick it up a few notches by serving Corned Beef and Cabbage!  Friday, March 16, as well as Saturday, March 17, we will be serving up platefuls of our slow cooked corned beef with cabbage and potatoes.  We usually sell out, so be sure to arrive early!


Lucky Clover Cupcakes:Lucky Cupcakes, cookies, 5 of the BEST St. Patrick's Day treats, Cinotti's Bakery

Aside from our delicious everyday fancy cupcakes, the month of March, we offer a specialty cupcake to fit the season. Our Lucky Clover cupcakes feature 3 layers of colorful cake in various shades of green. Once these cupcakes are topped with green and white swirled icing, we add shamrock sprinkles and a touch of gold sparkles. These are a must have for any St. Patrick’s Day event!

Sugared Shamrock Cookies:

shamrock cookies, sugar, St. Patricks Day, Cinotti

Made with our buttered sugar cookie dough, our Shamrock cutout cookies taste as good as they look!  These cookies are liberally covered in green sugar then baked to perfection.  Take them to school, work, or keep them in your favorite cookie jar.  We offer these shamrocks in two shades of green to bring out the Irish in everyone!




Iced Cutout Cookies:

Leprechaun cookies, 5 of the BEST St. Patrick's Day treats, Cinotti's Bakery

These are by far, our most popular treat anytime of year.  For St. Patrick’s Day, we offer a colorful selection of Irish themed cookies.  Rainbows, unicorns, Leprechaun faces, and of course, shamrocks. Don’t forget the horseshoes, Lucky Irish t-shirts, or the pots of gold cookies!  If you have trouble choosing which of these cookies to eat, just go ahead and get one of each!

After all, an old Irish proverb states: “All things living must be fed!”  



From our kitchen to yours:

With all these fine tastes of Ireland right here in your neighborhood bakery, why not enjoy it all?  This list of 5 of the BEST St. Patrick’s Day treats is just a fraction of the Irish goodies we have waiting for you! Give us a call today to reserve you little pieces of Ireland all month long!  Just give us a call or swing into the bakery. Our sales staff is ready and will even smile like a Leprechaun if you ask!

Slainte is tainte






Let the Good Times Roll with a King Cake from Cinottis!

Let the Good Times Roll with a King Cake from Cinottis!

Let the Good Times Roll with King Cakes from Cinotti’s!

King Cakes:

Each year, people all across the world celebrate Mardi Gras and the heritage of Carnival with traditional king cakes. King cakes are available in many flavors and are generally covered in colored sugar.  And, no cake is complete without a baby hiding inside. In fact, some Carnivalers go to extremes to find the baby and enjoy the good fortune it brings.


While each bakery may vary on sizes and fillings, the base of the cakes remains the same. Ours are approximately 12 inches in diameter and serve 10 -12 people.

King cake filling choices:

  • Cinnamon (this is our base flavor)
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry/Cheese
  • Lemon
  • Lemon/Cheese
  • Cherry
  • Pineapple
  • Pineapple/Cheese
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
King Cake, Cinotti's Bakery, Mardi Gras, Baby, gold

A traditional king cake from Cinotti’s Bakery


Colored Sugar:

Our King cakes are covered in three different colors of purple, green and gold.  Each color is significant and has its own meaning.  Purple stands for justice.  Green symbolizes faith.  And, gold represents power.

Finding a baby:

The practice of putting babies in king cakes has become so popular in recent years, it’s hard to imagine a time when it didn’t exists. A bakery in New Orleans first baked porcelain babies into the cake.  Now, babies are made of plastic and inserted when the cake has cooled.  It is a great surprise when the little guy is finally found.  And, tradition dictates the finder of the baby will have good fortune for the year.


Although we stock our store with king cakes daily, we always suggest ordering ahead. This allows the choice of flavor and ensures you indeed receive a king cake. If you’re serving the king cakes to children or you do not want the baby inside the cake, please inform our sales staff upon placing your order. We try to accommodate special concerns, however, if you have food allergies or want to know more about handling our products please refer to our store policies.

We’re so happy to be able to serve a little taste of New Orleans from our shop here in Jacksonville Beach. We hope you will join the Mardi Gras celebration with one of our delicious king cakes.  Don’t wait til Fat Tuesday to enjoy, order one today! So, call or come in now! Our friendly sales staff is eager to take your order.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

See you soon,

The Cinotti Family





5 must-have’s for the Big Cats big game!

5 must-have’s for the Big Cats big game!

5 must-have’s for the Big Cats big game!

The Big Cats have a big game this weekend-are you prepared?  After cleaning the house and shopping for the newest attire, who has time or energy, to prepare food for everyone? Have no fear. We’ve created a list of our football favorites that let you spend more time watching the game and less time in the kitchen.

Sandwich Tray:

Sandwich, Tray, Catering, Tailgate, Party, Superbowl, Jacksonville, Beach, Cinottis, Shop, Shower

Made with Cinotti’s made-from-scratch dinner rolls, this tray boasts four different meats to please any guest.  Ham, turkey, roast beef, and chicken salad sandwiches are artfully arranged so everyone has access to what they want. We offer these in three sizes to fit your household or party needs.

Fruit Trays:

Fruit, Tray, Catering, Party, Shower, Game, Day, Grapes, Cantelope, Honeydew, Strawberries, Pineapple, Cinottis, Bakery

Staying in the game is easier when healthy snacks are added to the table.  With our fruit or veggie (not shown) tray featuring only the finest in-season picks by your side, you can cheer our team long after the game’s over.  We offer both our fruit and vegetable tray in three sizes to fit any of your party needs.

Cheese Nibbler:

Cheese, crackers, catering, tray, tailgate, birthday, party, food, pick, up, easy, jacksonville

Snack from morning til night with a cheese nibbler tray.  With at least three different cheeses on this tray, you and your guest won’t even have to get up off the couch to snack while the game is on. Just pass the platter and dig in. We can substitute crackers for summer sausage for a meatier presentation.  Our cheese nibbler is also available in three sizes to fit your couch party’s needs.

Jaguar Cookies:

Our cookies are always a hit at any event.  Our Jaguar football cookie selection is no different. We offer jerseys, helmets, and footballs in our fondant icing.  We also have paw prints and puffy flowers (a customer favorite) with our buttercream icing. Display these on your table or spread them throughout your decor.

Jaguar Donuts:

Jaguar Donuts, #DTWD, Cinottis Bakery, Jacksonville, AFC, NFL

Not just a breakfast item, these little guys are a great addition to the table.  Available in a jersey, football, and fearsome player.  We won’t claim all the glory, but, since we’ve put these babies in the store, our Jags have not lost a single game… just sayin…

Let us take it from here.

You can rest easy knowing your party is in good hands with Cinotti’s Bakery.  Call us today to place your Game Day orders and beat the rush! Remember: these products are only available to order and our ALL IN staff is ready to take your call.  Call 9042461728.

Thank you, and Go Jaguars!


We’re All In with Jacksonville Jaguar Donuts

We’re All In with Jacksonville Jaguar Donuts

We’re All In with Jacksonville Jaguar Donuts:

Our hometown team has done it again! After an incredible 45-42 victory in Pittsburgh, our city is on fire! Fans everywhere are coming out to cheer for our beloved team. We’re ALL IN as we celebrate the Jaguars advancement to the AFC Championship. We’ve created three unique Jaguar Donuts to keep the party going all week. So, you can party at home or at work with a couple Jaguar Donuts!

Made Fresh Daily:

Because of their popularity, we offer them in three shapes to keep the party going: Football, Jersey, and Players. In addition to their delicious taste, our Jaguar Donuts are made from scratch in our bakery every morning.  And, because we are ALL IN, we’ll be making these one of a kind hometown delights every day this week. Our team of bakers and decorators are ready to create these donuts just for you! So why wait?  Call today to order yours.

Jaguar Donuts, #DTWD, Cinottis Bakery, Jacksonvill

Limited Supplies:

While we work hard to make our Jaguar Donuts for you, supplies are limited. We highly recommend ordering ahead of time to insure you do get what you want.  But, if you like to live on the wild side and want to take a chance, swing by the bakery and check out the selection. However, just like #27, these donuts are hot and moving forward right toward the door.

Don’t take a chance on not having some of these donuts for your party. Give us a call today to place your order.  Call 9042461728 and one of our ALL IN staff will gladly help you.

We can’t thank our town enough for the continued support of our family bakery.  We promise to keep providing you with the highest quality products at the best prices possible. If you have any questions regarding our product ingredients, store policies, or general questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you,

Cinotti’s Bakery



Polish Paczki on Fat Tuesday

Polish Paczki on Fat Tuesday

Polish Paczki on Fat Tuesday

Paczki Day, (pronounced POHNCH-kee) is a Polish tradition honoring the beginning of gluttony week. We celebrate on Fat Tuesday each year although traditionally begins on Fat Thursday across the pond. This is the last day to load up on any fatty foods and sweets before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

In Poland, Paczki Day is celebrated a bit differently however, almost everyone can agree that eating at least ONE of these rich doughnuts will bring you good fortune.  And the best part is; even if you’re not of Polish decent, you can still participate in the fun festivities surrounding the day by enjoying a Paczki.

What is a Paczki?

A paczki, by tradition, is a round shaped doughnut filled with jelly of some kind.  These doughnuts are often baseball shaped and made with a dairy rich dough.  This stems from the effort cooks put into using up their perishable dairy supplies before Lent.

They can be filled with many jellies or combination of jellies to suit one’s pallet. Traditionally, paczki were rolled in granulated sugar or covered in glaze.  However, these days, you may find them dipped in icing, rolled in powdered sugar, or left plain.

What flavors do you offer?

Paczki Day is one of our favorite days in terms of filling donuts with a variety flavors.  We do tweak the rules a bit here in the bakery.  Our doughnuts intertwine old and new ideas.  We have a few traditional finds, such as prune and raspberry as well as new fillings like strawberry/cheese and vanilla.

Other filling options include blueberry, lemon, apple, apple/cinnamon, pineapple, chocolate custard, custard, apple/raspberry, fig, cherry, and others.

With a variety of toppings and fillings, our store will be quite the buzz on Fat Tuesday.

How do I get one of these delicious Paczki?

Although we will have plenty made for the store, we strongly urge our customers to order ahead.  By ordering ahead, you can insure you have enough paczki for your household. You’ll also be able to choose your flavor combinations.

Kick off Lent with a Paczki!

While celebrations commence honoring the beginning of Lent, bakers across the globe will be busy preparing paczki.  We are no exception.  We’ll be cranking out these doughnuts to be sure no one is left behind.

An old Polish proverb states, “If you don’t eat at least one doughnut on Fat Thursday, you will not be successful in the New Year”.

Whether there’s any truth to this being an actual proverb is left up to debate. However, in terms of eating a doughnut, what harm could there be in at least trying it?

Our staff members are ready to take you call now.  Simply call us at 9042461728 to place your Paczki order today!

Annual Christmas Closing

Annual Christmas Closing

Annual Christmas Closing:

As we do every year, Cinotti’s will practice our Annual Christmas Closing to allow our staff to take a much needed vacation and relax.  This year, we will close our doors on Saturday, December 23rd at 3:00pm.  We will remain closed until WEDNESDAY, January 3rd at 6:00am.

We are ever thankful to our loyal customers who have understand our employees work exceptionally hard during the months of October, November, and December and need this break.

What does this mean to you, our customer?

We will have our store stocked and continually put out product up until Saturday, December 23rd.  We encourage you to come in and buy all you can to load up your freezers.  Most of our product will freeze well and can be enjoyed with simple reheating.  If you’ve purchased pies, dinners, or other products from us, you may find reheating instructions here.

Can I still get Pumpkin Donuts?

We will be making fresh pumpkin donuts up until Saturday, December 23rd.  Once we’re closed, we will not offer these bites of heaven until next October.

The next signature flavor is Coffee Donuts.  Believe it or not, there are those who claim these donuts taste better than our Pumpkin!

As to the true TOP DONUT, we’ll let you decide in January.

What if I need an order for that first week you’re back?

We will be open at 6am on WEDNESDAY, January 3rd to take any order you may need for the week (limitations may apply to fondant work).

We thank you all for an exceptional 2017!

As our small family business continues to grow, we fully understand it is all because of you, our customers.  We thank you for your patience with us as we continue to grow with our business.  We look forward to a happy and wonderful New Year.

Be happy.  Stay Sweet.

In love,

The Cinotti Family.


Decorate your own Gingerbread House

Decorate your own Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Decorating!

What is Family Fun Night?

Ever have the desire to make your own Gingerbread house?

or, have you tried making one out of those store bought kits using cheap ingredients only to have your masterpiece fall apart mid-way through?

Well, those days are over.

During our Family Fun Nights, we invite you to come in for what is sure to be a family tradition for years to come.  In fact, some of the families who come have made this a family tradition for the past eighteen years.

What better way to spend quality time this Holiday season than with Family, Food, and Fellowship.

We provide everything you’ll need to decorate your own traditional GINGERBREAD house.

How does it work?

You’ll start with our made from scratch, pre-assembled house.  Then we’ll give you our ROYAL icing, CANDY, and decorating bags for the added details.  Run out of M & M’s?  No problem, one of our House Builders will be walking around to fill up anything you need.

PLUS, we have a wide selection of FREE goodies to snack on while you decorate your house.

So, listen to Christmas music, eat free food, drink all you want, and create those memories you’re FAMILY will CHERISH for years.

Best of all…. We clean everything up when you’re done!

That’s right.  All you need to do is carry that beautiful creation to your car and leave the mess behind.

Sign ups start at 6 a.m. NOVEMBER 1st and slots fill up fast.

CALL to book your slot today!

Cinotti’s Bakery



All Things Pumpkin

All Things Pumpkin

All Things Pumpkin!


Yes, that’s the sound you’ll hear often this time of year as we crank out these little pieces of heaven fresh daily.  In our All Things Pumpkin Collection, our signature spice flavor can be tasted in every bite. And while our signature flavor has been a closely guarded secret for years and it doesn’t stop with just Pumpkin Donuts.

Breakfast Items:

Our Pumpkin Donuts started as a humble flavor back in 1996.  Today, people line up around the bakery to get them, making these donuts our top selling product!  For that, we thank you all.

Just as their name implies, Pumpkin Muffins  breakfast treats are just what you need to get you outta bed on cool Fall mornings.  Serve them warm out of your oven with a dab of cinnamon butter and let the aroma fill your home.

If you think our Banana Nut Bread is good, just wait ’til you try a slice of our Pumpkin Loaf bread.  Pumpkin and spice with a dash of cinnamon on the top.  Serve it for Breakfast, then nibble on it for Lunch… then have a bit more for Dinner.  There may be a little left for Dessert….

Dessert Items:

Our Harvest Ring is a bunt style cake combining pumpkin and spice.  After baking to a golden brown, we add a thin layer of glaze, encasing the rich fall flavors inside the cake.                                                                   Serve it hot or cool, it’s still “FALL’S Most PERFECT Dessert!”

Of course, no Holiday season would be complete without a PUMPKIN Pie from CINOTTI’S.  We’ve been making Pumpkin pies to sell in our bakery since 1955.  The pie you get from us today is crafted from the same machines and with the same, HAND-MADE skills as we did back then.

Pumpkin, cake, Muffin, loaf, Breakfast, Bakery, Jacksonville, Beach, cinnamon, spice, homemade

Get ’em while they last:

While we offer a wide selection of products to serve you and your family throughout the year, our All things Pumpkin selections are only here for a limited time.

Our skilled bakers take pride in their ‘old fashioned’ style in crafted beautiful works of art from flour and sugar.  However, our pumpkin donuts, harvest rings, pumpkin loaves, and pumpkin pies will not be available after December 23.

If you’ve never had a PUMPKIN DONUT, or anything PUMPKIN, we invite you to come in.  Once you’ve tried one of these little bites crammed with flavor, you’ll be falling in for more.

See you soon,

The Cinotti Family






Hurricane Irma Update 2

Hurricane Irma Update 2

Hurricane Irma update:

With Hurricane Irma headed right up our coast and evacuations ordered. Folks leaving the beach and our staff needs to be safe and have time to prepare. Thus, we have decided to close early on Saturday, 9/9/17.  Instead of being open until 3 pm, we will close at noon.

We will have our store fully stocked early in the morning and will do our best to keep the cases full. But, in an effort to comply with city ordinances, we will close our doors until further notice.

Like the rest of the city, please follow news reports and continue to stay on top of the storm and the path it may take.

For up to date information on our hours for after the storm, please see any of our social media sites.

Thank you all for your support in complying with the city officials orders.  May you be safe during this storm,


In love,

The Cinotti Family


Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma

With the uncertainties of Hurricane Irma, the massive storm approaching, we all understand the need to change, postpone, or even cancel plans for the days ahead.

Most of us will continue to operate and function as normal as possible, for as long as possible.  Everyone should be prepared and follow instructions passed out by the city and state authorities regarding the massive storm.

As far as our operating hours:

Our employees have the opportunity to take care of their own households as they see fit.  However, Cinotti’s will remain open for business until the City of Jacksonville Beach deems it unsafe to operate.

At this time, we cannot give a definite answer as to exact hours or days we will be open or closed.  Just know, if the beaches are open, we are open.

If you need to postpone your order, we are happy to talk to you via phone or in our store.

Be careful and remain calm:

For more information on Jacksonville Beach’s disaster plans, please click here.

Thank you all.  And, may God bless you and your family during this storm.


The Cinotti Family

New Unicorn Cookies!!

New Unicorn Cookies!!

This week we are unicorn cookies obsessed!

With the wide selection of cookies we offer, we try to make themes each week.  This week, we have what I think is our most colorful week yet.  It is also sure to be one of our most popular.  Yes, that’s right, it’s UNICORN COOKIES WEEK!

From a bottle of unicorn magic to a pandacorn, we’ve got at least 10, yes, TEN new unicorn cookies to offer you this week!

And let’s not forget Carlie’s personal favorite, The UNICORN POOP EMOJI

What’s new?

Because we don’t have enough cookie cutters (insert an eye roll from my dad) we headed to the internet to see what new and exciting shapes we were waiting.  And boy, did the wonderful people over at  SweetDesignShoppe not disappoint!  UNICORNS everywhere!  Oh my gosh, we had a blast picking out just about every unicorn shape they offered.

After what seemed like an eternity (actually, sweetdesignshoppe  is fast with shipping, we’re just impatient women when it comes to our cutters), our box o corns came in.  AMAZING!

Due to the Saturday delivery, it pained us to wait until Tuesday to bake them, but we sat on our hands like good girls.  Once Tuesday arrived, however, we got busy and now are BEYOND pleased at how they turned out.

We hope you will be as well.

Where can you see the Unicorn Cookies?

We’ve posted some of our favorites from Unicorn Cookies week up on the site in the Cookies section so if you missed them in our store, you can check them out here.

We love when we find new places to broaden our cookie cutter collection.  Each time you bite into one of our hand made, scratch based cookies, please know you are keeping our artistic dreams alive.

As always, we encourage new ideas on our cookies.  And if you know me, I absolutely LOVE to buy new cutters and stencils.  So, if you ever have an idea or know of a great place to buy quality cookie cutters, let us know.

Until then, come on in and check out our daily creations.

See you at the counter.

In cookie love,



National Donut Day

National Donut Day

National Donut Day is JUNE 2nd!

Each year, more and more days are added to our calendars in celebration of an obscure color or underrated food and we celebrate them all in joy. JUNE 2nd 2017, however, is one of our favorites here in the bakery!  It’s National Donut Day!  Finally, an entire day devoted to donuts!  It’s about time these sweet babies start getting the respect they deserve!

What is this, National Donut Day?

During WWI, women referred to as “Doughnut Girls” served on the front lines providing our men with coffee and donuts. Thus, the Salvation Army Doughnut Lassie was born.

In 1917 over 250 volunteers headed to France to serve our country.  In addition to providing hot coffee and baked goods, these women provided clothes, supplies, and moral support.  There are several stories on the two women who adapted to the conditions in wartime yet overcame to give our men the best they could.

In 1938, in honor of those who served in both WWI and WWII, the Salvation Army created National Donut Day.

And, now that they are, we’re celebrating in a BIG way.

What are we doing for National Donut Day?

Friday, June 2nd is NATIONAL DONUT DAY and we are all hard at work prepping to make it the most special day yet.

We will be offering a wide array of fresh made donuts in a variety of flavors and toppings including our SPRING signature donut flavor of STRAWBERRY and, for this one day only, we will roll out our Cinotti’s original, PUMPKIN donuts.

**Due to the overwhelming demand of PUMPKIN donuts, we have a two (2) dozen maximum on Pumpkin donuts only.  We STRONGLY suggest pre-ordering these donuts to insure we have them for you.**

As always, we thank our men and women of the armed forces who serve.

Your sacrifice and service to our country can never be repaid.  From the bottom of our hearts…. THANK YOU!






Strawberry Donuts

Strawberry Donuts

Strawberry Donuts!

Our signature SPRING flavor donut is hot off the fryer!

After months of testing out formulas we didn’t think fit the Cinotti’s level of perfection, we finally found a combination of flavors we like enough to bring to you.  Using the finest cut strawberries and our secret flavors, we’ve masterfully created strawberry donuts you’re sure to LOVE!  

What’s so great about these donuts?

Did you know, strawberries are full of antioxidants and vitamins? Did you also know they are one of the best fruits for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure?

So, why not put these heart shaped power snacks in your favorite breakfast item?

At least that’s what Mike thought as he pondered his next big idea. He loves strawberries and loves donuts. And, he knows his customers do as well.  So, he and his team got busy working on formulas to bring the next big creation to life.

What they came up with is truly wonderful.

A flavor-packed donut full of enough vitamin C to allow you to forego the orange juice but with a thin layer of glaze to allow a hint of sweetness. These donuts are light and airy, yet satisfyingly filling.  A success as far as our taste testers have affirmed.

Strawberry Donuts, Cinottis Bakery, Spring, Glaze, breakfast, donut, danish, dunkin, krispy

How long will these donuts be in our store?

Our Strawberry Donuts are only here for our SPRING COLLECTION.

We start making these little bites of goodness April 1st and carry them through the end of June.  If you’d like to get your own Strawberry Donuts, be sure to give us a call.  We always strive to keep our showcase full, however, preordering is always recommended.

Our sales team is ready to take your order, give us a call today!

As always, we appreciate each and every one of you and love your continued support of our family business.





Hopping Down The Bunny Trail to Cinottis

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail to Cinottis

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail to Cinottis:

Easter is fast approaching and so is the end of traditional Lent season.  Are you ready to dive into a bowl of sugar yet?  Well, if so, the little bunnies here in Cinotti’s are busy preparing hundreds of goodies to ease your sugar pains on Easter morning.  From tiny little egg cakes and cookies to our large centerpiece cake, we’ve got all your Easter treats covered.  Not big on sweets?  No problem.  We offer an Italian style Easter bread making sure your holiday celebration is perfect for everyone.

So hop on in and get a sneak taste or go ahead and place your order ahead of time to insure your family is fully loaded for Easter.

On behalf of the entire Cinotti family and staff, we thank you all for your continued support of our family dream.



Looking forward to a new year with a new job?

Looking forward to a new year with a new job?

After a much deserved week off, we will be looking to offer employment to six individuals who love retail work as much as we do.  Since we will be closed for a week, we will accept emailed applications during the Christmas week.


We will be hiring morning customer service sales associates.

The time frames offered are:

5:30am to 1:30om.

6:30am to 2:30pm.

7am to 3 pm.

8am to 4pm.

9am to 5pm.

If you are excited for the opportunity to be a member of our team, please fill out the application and either drop it off in our store or email it to us at

The link below will take you to our hiring page.  We look forward to hearing from you.