Teacher Gifts All Year Long!

The school year has just begun but it’s never too early to start showing your appreciation for the men and women who pour into our children. Teacher gifts in the form of volunteer hours or teacher supplies can be a major help in almost any classroom.

But what about a gift in a sweeter form? 

Gifts for your child’s teacher can be in the form of a weekly treat for well-behaved students or even for those who meet their reading requirements. Some teacher gifts can be more personal, such as a personalized cookie or their favorite cupcake.

Cookies for the class

Bringing cookies to your child’s classroom may be a great way to show your appreciation to the teacher…provided you’ve cleared it with them ahead of time. When the classwork becomes mundane, a small treat in the form of an M & M cookie can be just what the entire class needs. Just be sure to bring enough for the teacher to have a couple as well.

Favorite cupcakes

Does your child’s teacher have a favorite food or dessert? A great way to build a rapport with anyone is through food. And what better way to get to know your child’s teacher than with a cupcake?

As the year progresses and your relationship with your child’s teacher grows, you can discover what they like and don’t like. Some teachers love chocolate while others don’t. You may find out about a favorite restaurant a teacher frequents every Friday morning. No matter what it is, finding a teacher gift that is perfect doesn’t have to be difficult.

Personalized cookies

“A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” –Dale Carnegie

We’ve made teacher gifts for more than 20 years. One of the most popular gift year after year is a personalized cookie. No matter if it’s a simple design or elaborate details, add a special message or the teacher’s name to a cookie. When you go the extra mile and show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate all they do it can be the added boost they need.

Staff and teacher gifts

The school as a whole is responsible for the care of your child. Don’t forget to thank them for their hard work! Bring an assortment of donuts or a tray of cookies on a random day just to say ‘thank you.’ Sometimes, even the smallest of things can go a long way in rejuvenating an entire faculty.

Ingredients and food allergies

There are some schools and classrooms which don’t allow outside foods due to allergies or ingredient concerns. It’s important to note: we are NOT a peanut-free facility. We have ingredient lists on our website for iced cookies and some everyday cookies, however, we always stress to error on the side of caution when serving any foods containing potential allergens.

As always, we appreciate you and continue to be grateful to be a part of your celebrations. We are most happy to assist you in planning your teacher gifts for this school year.

Thank you.

Psalm 34:8…Taste and see that the Lord is good…

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