Easter Cookies for Everyone

Each year our collection of cookie cutters grows and this Easter is no exception. We have procured an array of Easter cookies that will bring happiness even the most stubborn bunny in your family.

This Easter season, we will be unveiling our newly acquired cutters. Don’t worry if you like those cute little cookies from last year, we will have those as well.

Easter cookies

From cute little bunnies popping out of an egg to the fun shaped carrot bunny house, our decorators have been busy this season. Bring your little bunnies in to see the colorful display case filled with hand-crafted goodies. You may see speckled eggs, traditional eggs, baby chicks, bunnies, Easter baskets, bunny faces, and more!

And the best part of it all is our Easter cookies are all made right here in our bakery in Jacksonville Beach. You and your family can enjoy our products without worrying about harmful chemicals. We use only non-GMO flours and we never add any preservatives or questionable ingredients.

Easter cookies for Mom and Dad

There’s no reason mom and dad should be left out of the Easter goodies. Our Easter cookie selection extends beyond decorated cookies to a more sophisticated selection… Bachelor Buttons.

Bachelor Button cookies have been a crowd favorite for generations.These vanilla based cookies filled with sweet colorful icing are small enough to hide from your children, but pack enough flavor to sate any sweet tooth.

Our Easter variety colors are the perfect addition to an Easter tablescape, or to bring as a hostess gift, or to simply snack on while preparing Easter dinner.

Order your Easter cookies soon!

We love that you choose to bring our products into your home each year. Our busy bunnies work hard to ensure you and your family have all the Easter cookies, cakes, and pies to fulfill your holiday.

We strongly urge you to pre-order your cookies prior to Wednesday April 17th. While our team will be producing Easter cookies throughout the holiday, we cannot guarantee specific cookies will be in stock the entire time.

Peruse our Easter cookies page then give one of our friendly bunnies a call or follow that sweet scent of cookies into our bakery where we can help you plan the perfect holiday in person. 

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