Easter Egg Cakes for Every Table

For more than 50 years, we have created beautiful Easter egg cakes for families to enjoy. These colorful cakes are used as centerpieces, Easter gifts, and as a dessert treat for Easter dinner.

What makes our Easter egg cake so special?

Our Easter egg cakes are made from scratch right here in our Jacksonville Beach bakery. Our master bakers use age old techniques to create cakes in various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, Kylie, and more.

As with most of our products, we use only non-GMO flours and never add any preservatives, chemicals, or un-pronouncable ingredients. Our rules of baking are simple:

If we won’t feed it to our own children, we don’t want to feed it to yours.

Design your own Easter egg cake

Once cooled, our Easter egg cakes are ready for decorating. You’ll find an array of pastel, bright, and marbled colored egg cakes in our showcase and each one is individually decorated. From blooming flowers to underwater paradise, we can create the perfect Easter egg cake for your holiday table.

Cake flavor

If you order well in advance, you can choose the flavor, color, and design for your egg cake. This year, we’re offering vanilla, chocolate, ½ & ½, and our famous Kylie cake (baked with colorful sprinkles).

Icing choices

You can design your Easter egg cake with our homemade chocolate buttercream or vanilla buttercream in an wide range of colors. We recommend choosing an icing color that will match your overall design.

Design options

Each of our Easter egg cakes is unique in its design.

Traditional eggs include gentle icing swags, buttercream roses, and intricate details in pastel colors.

Favored eggs can feature sugar paste flowers surrounded by Easter grass, puffy flowers in neon colors, or even a brightly colored underwater paradise.

Eclectic eggs can include our famous plaid egg with nearly every color in our fandex, paint splatter design created with bright colors, and even cakes with lady bugs piped all over.

Custom designs will be catered to your desires. If you want an orange and blue design with an over-sized gator piped on the top, we can create it. If you want an ornate Faberge egg design in pastel colors, we can make that as well.

Order your Easter egg cakes soon

While we can create almost any design, we are limiting the amount of custom orders. We highly recommend placing all Easter orders by Wednesday, April 17. This will allow us to make final preparations and begin the process of creating the best Easter products for you and your family.

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